How to write the best SEO content for 2020

How to write the best SEO content for 2020

These are the guidelines for 2020 that will allow you to quickly write and position the best SEO content to increase the organic traffic of your website easily and simply.

There is no other professional environment as dynamic as digital. Every day, every week and month, web professionals are obliged to continually update themselves to defend the positioning of their website or e-commerce from the incessant siege of competitors dispersed in all corners of the world.

We know that to write the best SEO content it is necessary to create, optimize and viralize quality text which has to be:

  • Updated.
  • Original.
  • Useful.

10 tricks to write the best web content in 2020

This is a simple starting point but, of course, it is not enough to conquer the audience and facilitate the long-awaited “conversions.” That is when a simple and anonymous visitor is conquered by the quality of your website to the point of carrying out an action, becoming a “user” or a “customer”. But how do you write the best SEO content for 2020?

1- The main keyword, twice at the beginning

An excellent “trick” that will allow you to naturally increase visits and organic traffic to your online publications is to insert the keyword at least 2 times in the introduction paragraph:

how to use keywords in SEO 2020

As you have easily noticed, you have to put them immediately below the SEO title (the famous “Títle H1”), first time using the bold, then italicized. It is a very simple and intuitive ploy and is something that in 2020 will give a substantial boost to your web projects.

2. The title: don’t be stingy with words!

One of the crucial elements, from a practical but also visual point of view, is the ability to choose a title that is captivating, clear and complete. While in the past it was preferred to even use a search string directly in “Title H1”, suggested by some analytical software, today search engines prefer the humanization of content.

For this reason, it is good to use this easy system to obtain titles that are always useful to increase traffic and reach the widest possible audience:

  • Write 20 possible titles for your publication.
  • Choose 5 and extend them to the maximum, until incorporating 3 fundamental concepts that will be reflected in your post.
  • Adapt and make it clear, useful and friendly.

For example:

how to write perfect SEO titles in 2020

3. Write using the second person singular

The third practical tip for developing and creating perfect SEO content by 2020 is about how to target your reader. In English it is a good idea to use the “You”.

When you will create and optimize texts for SEO, you will have ample room for linguistic maneuver and avoid verbal conjugations that could be complicated. On the other hand, this informal and friendly treatment will allow you to stimulate and strengthen a link with each reader.

4. A quality text is a well written text: watch out for the rush!

There is nothing worse than encountering a poorly written article. The reasons can be multiple:

  • The author does not master the subject he “tries” to present.
  • The article has been written too quickly and superficially.
  • The article is the result of a mere ‘copy and paste’ (the so-called “information on the information”).

Correggere bene un articolo SEO nel 2020

To add value to your website or project online, first of all you need to invest time and efforts in creating (and offering) quality content. I mean, your goal is not to publish something, but to make sure that what you write leaves a mark. Therefore, do not rush, carefully review each paragraph or ask a colleague for help in detecting and eliminating possible spelling errors.

5. Write clearly, write less

What matters is not to communicate, but to be understood. This, without a doubt, should be your main objective.

Try to prevent your readers from getting tired. This can happen for several reasons: using excessively technical (or unnecessarily sophisticated) language, weighing paragraphs with misplaced redundancies or, more simply, adding lines and lines of content with little or no informative value.

You have to think about the usefulness and usability of each concept that you expose and write. In general, fewer and fewer people read articles online, prefer videos and other more dynamic content. Precisely for this reason, it is necessary to learn and strive to write clearly, simply, quickly. But at the same time, offering something that others do not have.

  1. Try to probe more points of view, avoiding passively following what influencers and reference newspapers say.
  2. Accompany your speech with official data and statistics, to reinforce the credibility of the message.
  3. Work to identify and evidence the most relevant information, creating propositions without too many subordinates and using simple, direct and familiar words.

6. Check everything without taking anything for granted

‘Mother Internet’ offers a lot of information seemingly without costs. Unfortunately, however, many of the news and facts that we believe to be absolutely true are often the result of assumptions, conjectures, hypotheses. The problem is almost nobody has the time or desire to check what he reads.

Every phrase, every title, every word that concerns people or entities must necessarily be the result of a previous journalistic investigation.

It is dangerous to take for granted everything that appears on the Internet. But that structural problem of the online universe can become one of your strengths. Keep in mind that the mediocrity of the net will allow your articles and content to stand out if you are able to offer something unique, original and absolutely true.

Writing quality content takes longer. But the advantage of a credible article is that it makes the writer recognizable, favoring the construction of a bond of trust with the reader. This is certainly the best goal of anyone working in the world of digital communication.

7. Also photos deserve attention

So far, I have shown you some key tips for creating and optimizing SEO content by 2020. But what about the images?

It must be said that it is not always mandatory to include photos in an article. Especially if it is an opinion piece, it is possible that the mere content possesses enough strength to float alone, without the help of digital ploys.

On the other hand, the insertion of visual contents (screenshots, infographics, tables, etc.) certainly adds value to the article. In this regard, you should take into account these basic guidelines:

  • Avoid using copyrighted images: the era of ‘steal and embed’ from Google Images is over.
  • Always try to cite the source (with a special link to the website of the photographer or author).
  • Change the name of the photo avoiding strange numbers and symbols, faithfully describing what appears:

how to edit photos for SEO contents in 2020

8. At least 6 links: 4 internal and 2 external

An important aspect to be able to sign perfect web content in 2020 is in the insertion and arrangement of the links, both internal and external.

In general, I recommend that you insert at least 4 internal and 2 external links. Obviously, these links should never include the main keyword, whose presence in the article, therefore, will be allowed only as ‘normal text’ and in the normal ‘Title H’, those H2 and H3 that serve to give air and space to the different paragraphs.

9. Quality and dynamic contents: it is forbidden to get bored

what content is ok for SEO articles in 2020

Not all publishers, content managers or transcreators (or ‘creative translators’) dominate photo and video editing tools. This can be a real problem, in a historical moment in which it is necessary to capture the attention of the public with content always updated, dynamic and capable of arousing interest and emotions.

Therefore, if you still do not master programs such as Photoshop, Adobe Suite or others such as Camtasia or Movavi, you have to know that it is necessary to make an effort and invest time and money in developing new skills and knowledge.

In order to affirm yourself as a complete professional, in fact, another suggestion is to avoid relying on others for the production of multimedia content. Your articles, written impeccably and that offer quality and value to the reader, but will take a step forward only thanks to the addition of dynamic material.

10. Content Viralization: to each his own

Users do not want to buy products, what they want are experiences.

To ensure that your SEO content is the best by 2020, it is also necessary to focus on its promotion. Depending on the type of content, it is possible to choose a different viralization channel. Let’s see some examples:

  1. Useful, educational and helpful content (add value and serve to create interest, attract new users or improve brand penetration): SOCIAL NETWORKS
  2. Product contents (about the features of a product and service, also in relation to other brands): BLOG
  3. Content for sale (promotions, discounts, opportunities): NEWSLETTER

Come viralizzare contenuti SEO nel 2020

It is important to keep in mind that each social network and each digital promotion channel has its own audience. Posting the same content on Facebook knowing that it could be more suitable for Linkedin, Twitter or Instagram is a big mistake, as well as counterproductive.

Not only do you risk flattening the attention of your audience, but you also end up boring the readers. Above all, you will transmit little professionalism and lack of involvement. The public of social networks is receptive, sensitive and very attentive to the type of code (behavioral and linguistic) that is used. Users want to talk to people who are as close as possible to them, recognizable, who share their expectations and experiences.

For this reason, often even high quality content can be affected by social campaigns that do not take into account the needs of these various “publics.”

As we have said before: take your time! Work calmly, study the themes well and check the sources. Compare, verify, take care of every little detail without letting the rush or some bad example distract you from your main objective: write thinking about the reader.

If you have any feedback or comments on this, please let me know.