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My name is Alessandro and, for about 18 years, I deal with journalism , communication and events. I was born in Rome, Italy, on a Friday afternoon (calmly …) just in time to enjoy the weekend. The way we are born marks us deeply and says a lot about what kind of people we are.

By the way, there is a sentence that defines me impeccably:

Who am I? A happy spirit, with the gift of telling story.

Since I was born, I showed interesting communication skills as well as a vivid imagination and spontaneous creativity. “Talents” that too often clash against the wall of a world that plays on forgetting emotions and feelings and who loves to wear the mask of rationality to make sense of its own wickedness.

I worked in radio, TV, magazines, press offices and corporate events , creating newspapers and coordinating editorial offices, developing campaigns and editorial plans and establishing myself in the areas of Content Management and Content Localization.

My Content Manager activity takes place on four markets, mainly: Italy, Spain, United States and Latin America . All areas with which I had the privilege of confronting myself, thanks to agencies and companies that believed in me and positively evaluated my work.

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Press
  • Internet
  • Events
  • Public Relations

When we use the verb “to communicate”, we often forget about the various elements that make up this complicated process. For example, the reality and needs of the “sender” and the “receiver”. As well as the quality of the message or, again, the type of shared code that allows the message to be adequately understood .

What matters is not communicating, but being understood. This, without a doubt, should be our main goal.

We live in a context of media gigantism in which most information is the result of a passive copy and paste, the so-called “information on information”.

Here, then, that writing, producing and publishing interesting, original and useful content , relatively quickly, becomes crucial. Nowadays, it is the only form to stand out, to make oneself credible and recognizable.

chi siamo evoluzione

Now that we know each other, we can work together!

Now that you know me a little better, it’s time to know something more about you too . I am eager to confront your reality, to study needs and goals, in order to offer you concrete, quick and effective solutions. It will be a privilege to help you get your project off the ground.

You will find in me a valid ally: serious, reliable and full of enthusiasm .

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